banne - 3 Reasons Why Sports Betting Was Banned in the US

3 Reasons Why Sports Betting Was Banned in the US

Due to New Jersey’s challenge, the Supreme Court has made sports betting open in the US now. Before, it was possible to bet on sports only in Nevada. Here are the reasons why the sports betting was banned in the US.

It mostly depends on luck

Those who voted for legalization argued that sports betting is not purely luck. You need to identify opportunities and then make a decision about betting. But those who voted against legalization of sports betting say that the human element is always there. So, things can be unpredictable.

Also, many people don’t understand statistics well, so they bet depending on their hunch. The house wins most of the time and people lose money.

 Illegal betting will still remain

Legalizing sports betting doesn’t mean that there won’t be any illegal betting. The bookies offer a generous line of credit. You don’t need to deposit any money to bet. So, someone can easily bet with the money they actually don’t have. So, the wagers get into debt situations. The bookies will not pay taxes, so the customers will get better margins as well.

These days you don’t have to worry about placing illegal bets. More and more legitimate bookies will flood the US market and allow punters like you and me to place legal bets. One easy way to figure out which companies have started offering their services to the US market is by following all the latest sports betting news on Their main focus was covering the legalization of sports betting in United States of America. You will also find a bunch of reviews of each individual bookie and their offered bonuses and incentives.

The nature of sports might change

There may be match fixing issues if sports betting is legalized. The sports industry will become more commercialized. The focus will shift from the actual game to betting. The charm of the sports will be lost.

However, as sports betting is a billion dollar business and many people are doing it, the Supreme Court has finally allowed states in the US to bet on sports legally.

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