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Aid Stations

With over 200 volunteers, there will be an aid station (electrolytes and water) every two miles of the course. This would not be possible without our amazing sponsors and volunteers! Make sure to thank them on race day!

Click on the image to download the course map

Electrolytes/Gatorade sponsored by Corwin Beverages
Gels sponsored by Clif Bar
Beverages sponsored by Corwin Beverages

Aid Stations

Station Mile Location Support Type
1 Start / Finish Esther Short Park Water/Electrolytes/Medical
2 Mi 2.1 Lower River Road / Port of Vancouver Water/Electrolytes/Medical
3 Mi 3.8 Entrance to Waste Connections Water/Electrolytes/Medical
4 Mi 5.7 Lower River / Erwin / Parking Lot Water/Electrolytes/Medical
5 Mi 7.6 Frenchman's bar Park Water/Electrolytes/Medical
6 Mi 10 Erwin / Vancouver Lake Water/Electrolytes/Medical
7 Mi 12.7 Lower River Road / NW 31st Water/Electrolytes/Medical
8 Mi 14.5/1.4 Main Street / 19th St Water/Electrolytes/Medical
9 Mi 16.5/3.4 Turnaround - Evergreen & FT Van Way Water/Electrolytes/Medical
10 Mi 18.5/5.4 Columbia Machine - Grand & 1st Water/Electrolytes/Medical
11 Mi 20.7/7.6 Wintler Park / Beach Dr Water/Electrolytes/Medical
12 Mi 22.2/9.1 Marine Park Water/Electrolytes/Medical
12 Mi 23/10.1 Columbia Way Water
13 Mi 23.6/10.5 Beaches/McMenamins Water/Electrolytes/Medical
12 Mi 24.5/11.8 Landbridge Entrance Water
14 Mi 25.5/12.4 Evergreen & Andersen Rd. Water/Electrolytes/Medical


Quick Overview: VUM boasts a very scenic marathon route covering most of West Vancouver towards Frenchman’s Bar, Vancouver Lake and the Port of Vancouver. The course continues downtown through uptown and areas over by Clark College. The second half of the course is the best, including historic Officers Row and the Fort Vancouver National Park, as well as the mighty Columbia River.

MARATHON COURSE: 26.2 Miles - Street by Street / Road by Road

START: Esther Short Park
  • Head North on Columbia take immediate Left on 8th Street
  • West on 8th Street for 2 blocks to Franklin (turn Right)
  • North on Franklin for 7 blocks to Mill Plain (turn Left)
  • West on Mill Plain (on the south side of street, paved wide walkway)
  • Traveling about .5 miles to Fourth Plain (Mill Plain turns into Fourth Plain/Lower River Road)
  • Northwest on Lower River Road on bike lane (Southside) – entire bike lane is coned

AID STATION (1) – Mile 2 (Port of Vancouver)
  • Continue along Lower River Road for 2.8 more miles (in bike lane on south side)

AIDS STATION (2) – Mile 3.8 (Waste Connection entrance)
  • Continue on Lower River Road on south side to Old Lower River Road (Entrance to Reiger Memorial HWY, or Vancouver Lake)
  • Traveling West on Lower Road on hwy that is cones (about .1 stretch of the road)
  • Then there is a quick turn left onto the trail – heading west (paved trail 4 person wide)

AID STATION (3) – Mile 5.7 The trail heads west to the next
  • The corner of the trail, Turn Right towards Frenchman’s Bar heading North (approx. 1 mile to the park)
  • Next turn is Left into the Park, the Trail heads to the parking lot road, and veers Left
  • Heading along the driveway until it ends continuing right to the trail (right, or continue right) along trail
  • The Columbia River is in sight, as the route continues North (passing a shelter on right)

AID STATION (4) - Mile 7.6 Continuing North on the trail to
  • Continuing past the parking lot still on trail and veer right on the Trail till you return to the entrance to the park (turn right on Lower River Road against traffic)
  • Back onto Lower River Road at the entrance of the park, stay left
  • Take Right on to Lower River Road heading back (this road runs parallel to the trail)
  • Take a hard left back on the trail at Mile 9.5 (once on the trail continue to NW Erwin O Reiger Memorial)

AID STATION (5) – Mile 10 stay on left side, or against traffic in bike lane Cross over NW Erwin to the next
  • Cross over NW Erwin to the next

AID STATION (6) – Mile 12.8 (Port of Vancouver) Continue down Lower River Road to next
  • Cross over Fourth Plain heading against traffic on the left side/bike lane up Mill Plain
  • Mill Plain is also 15th Street
  • Take Left on Franklin – Half Merge with Full (running alongside for about a mile)
  • Right on McLoughlin, still side by side with Half Marathon

AID STATION (7) – Mile 15 Left on Main Street
  • Right on 25th Street (continue 2 blocks)
  • Take Right on C-Street (for several blocks heading south)
  • Left on McLoughlin (stay on south side with traffic on McLoughlin, entire lane Is closed)
  • Right on Fort Vancouver WAY, heading south
  • Across Mill Plain (Officer Support)

AID STATION (8) – Mile 16.5 Around the Turn-Around to Evergreen
  • 2 Options: use Evergreen Road or the sidewalk
  • Right on Fort Vancouver Pave Trail (at the Fort Vancouver Museum/Office)
  • Take a left on 5th Street, stay in right hand side of the road (with traffic)
  • Keep heading east along 5th across E Reserve Street
  • Take next Left on Trail behind Grand Central – about Mile 17.5
  • Continue down trail until you almost read Columbia House Blvd – take a LEFT (along paved path)
  • Keep heading down the path by the NEW Red Robin, and the Rock Wood Fired Pizza

AID STATION (9) –Mile 18.5, the Rock
  • Head East along Columbia House Blvd (across Grand Blvd) – Officer Support
  • Take Left on Grove Street, head north
  • Take Right on 5th Street, heading east
  • Next crossing over Columbia House Blvd and up the slight hill to Evergreen Blvd
  • Take Right on Evergreen Blvd (heading east to Shorewood Drive)
  • Now on Shorewood head over the HWY 14 to the Winter Park Entrance
  • Take a Right into Winter Park Entrance

AID STATION (10) – Mile 20.8, right before the railroad tracks
  • Once in the park you will do a little out and back, and back on the paved trail take a right
  • Heading west now along the water front, a quick right up to Columbia Way<
  • (this is because the trail is closed ahead)
  • Left on Columbia Way, staying on sidewalk and now heading west
  • The sidewalk takes you into a trail that proceeds through Marine Park

AID STATION (11) – Mile 22.5
  • Heading out of Marine Park onto the sidewalk/bike lane of Columbia Way
  • West on Columbia Way for about 2 Miles
  • Take Left on SE Columbia Shores, on right side with Traffic

AID STATION (12) – Beaches Restaurant (Trail & Waterfront Trail) Now heading South to the waterfront & Beaches (stay on trail)
  • Take a Right on the Waterfront trail and head West = Home
  • Follow the trail along the beautiful Columbia River on your left
  • Take right to the Landbridge (next to Who Song & Larry’s)
  • Over the Landbridge and through the Historic Fort Vancouver Site
  • Take a left on 5th Street; proceed to the right side of the road with Traffic
  • Next Right up Fort Vancouver way, north

LAST AID STATION (13) - A quick jog left on Anderson street, and then left on Evergreen
  • Left on C-Street to 8th Street
  • Take right on 8th Street, home stretch to Columbia Street– 26 Miles!